What is dashPunk?

dashPunk is a site and blog started by fan and entertainment designer, C. E. Dorsett (Eric), dedicated to commentary on the best in speculative fiction and the fan community, as well as a showcase for his work and the work of his friends.

What does dashPunk mean?

We noticed a trend in many of the things we loved: Goth Punk, Steampunk, Clock Punk, Cyberpunk... and so we thought we would shorten that down to -punk, or to spell it out, dashPunk.

I grew up in the Punk and Goth subcultures and a lot of that Punk ethos is core to how I interact with the world, and I wanted to bring that to the forefront.

What is fandom?


Hugo Gernsback forged the modern Science Fiction genre in 1926 when he founded Amazing Stories magazine. In the letters section, he published the addresses of the fans who wrote in. Readers began to organize themselves into local clubs. In 1934, Hugo founded the Science Fiction League, a correspondence club where local clubs could apply for membership.

Chicago’s Science Correspondence Club published the first known science fiction fanzine, The Comet, in 1930. The first convention was held nine years later when at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, when the World Science Fiction Society held the first WorldCon.

Fred Pohl and Cyril Kornbluth, members of a New York fan club called The Futurians, wrote the oldest known filks in the 1950’s by taking the music from folk protest songs and changing the lyrics.

It wasn’t until the 1970 that the conventions grew in popularity as a result of Speculative Fiction taking on the role of mythology. More people found Speculative Fiction gave them a set of values, goals, and practices. Through our conventions, filksings, fanfic, and fanfilm, we have developed a culture that is uniquely ours.