Fandom Today #436 “Hulu on the Edge Of Forever”

p-si-logo-150-white.png Hulu and decabling | immortality discussion | Smallville Michael Shanks | FlashForward | Neill Blomkamp's next Sci-Fi movie | Night's Knight | Harlan Ellison's Law Suit | Obama and the Hate Crime's Bill | Ghosts, Haunting and canceled Halloween | Porcelain Toilet | Seeker Video | The Way of Shadows and Community Comments on Fandom Today.

Hulu Charges

Immortality What If?

Round Up

The Best, The Worst, and The Odd

  • [reus id="51"]Best

    • Night’s Knights in PRINT! (via dashPunk)

    • Harlan Ellison claims victory in weird Star Trek case (via SCI FI Wire)

    • Federal Court Rules in Favor of Ellison in “Star Trek” Lawsuit (via Slice of SciFi)

    • Obama to sign hate crimes bill (via 365gay)

  • Worst

    • Scary 'ghost' in tot home video (sounds faked) (via The Sun)

    • Give Twilight A Chance The Conversation takes a turn (thanks Maria) (Project: Shadow)

    • Britian's most haunted village, Kent hamlet, 'cancels Halloween' - (via Telegraph)

  • Odd

    • 1885 – First porcelain toilet is built (via Wikipedia)

    • Movie Trailer Views Vs. Box Office Receipts (via /Film)

  • Community Question


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