Speculative Fiction Today #433 “Abnormals, Clones, and Confessors”

p-si-logo-150-white.png Coral Man | Irish Lake Monster | Kings – Season One, Monsters vs. Aliens | New Predator  | Terminator sale | Clone Wars | Legend of the Seeker | and Community Comments on Speculative Fiction Today.


  • Life Stranger Then Fiction: Coral Man (dashPunk)

  • New Irish Lake Monster Video (via Cryptomundo)


  • DVD Releases: September 29, 2009 (dashPunk)

  • Details Leak from Script to Robert Rodriguez’s Predators. Film to Feature Predator Dogs and Birds? (via /Film)

  • Terminator Franchise Rights For Sale…Again (via /Film)

TV / Series

  • Clone Wars Season Two (dashPunk)

    • Clone Wars Complete Season One on DVD (dashPunk)

  • A Response to The Reliability of a Confessor’s Power (dashPunk)


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