Fandom Today #456 “That Sounds Like a Combination a Moron Would Have On His Luggage”

p-si-logo-150-white.png Hobbit Movie Update | LOTS Review ep. 216 and 217 | Men in Black Casting Joy | Terra Nova TV Show | Avatar August Theatrical Re-Release | Stargate Auction | Joss Whedon Comic | and Community Comments on Fandom Today.

Hobbit Movie Update

  • Progress Update on Hobbit Movie (via dashPunk)

LOTS Review ep. 216 and 217

Men in Black Casting Joy

  • Barry Sonnenfeld Confirms Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones For Men in Black 3D (via /Film)

Terra Nova TV Show

  • Trek vet will run Spielberg's sci-fi dinosaur TV show Terra Nova (via SCI FI Wire)

Avatar August Theatrical Re-Release

  • Avatar: Theatrical Re-Release in August With Additional Footage, Sequel Will Focus on Oceans of Pandora (via /Film)

Stargate Auction

  • Propworx Stargate Auctions: Light-up Anti Replicator Gun, Vala Uniform, Teal’c Tactical Vest, Ancient Drone Weapon Art, Flora Costume from Harmony (via GateWorld)

Joss Whedon Comic

  • Being Too Whedony a comic panel about Joss Whedon doing Avengers (via dashPunk)


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