Fandom Today #486 “Cry Squirrel and Let Loose The Ogres of War”

p-si-logo-150-white.png Writing Theory: Stephanie Myer | Review Up | Sanctuary season 2 DVD | Summer TV Preview | Firefly: Still Flying | Review: Dolls | and Community Comments on Fandom Today.

Review Up

Shrek: Do the Roar

  • Shrek Can’t Touch Doing The Roar (via dashPunk)

Sanctuary season 2 DVD

  • Sanctuary Second Season DVD (dashPunk)

  • [reus name="Sanctuary"]

Summer TV Preview

  • Speculative Fiction Summer Shows To Check Out (dashPunk)

  • True Blood, The Gates, Futurama, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Haven, Ghost Hunters International, Being Human,

Firefly: Still Flying

  • Firefly's original writers reveal what happens NEXT new scrapbook/anthology Firefly: Still Flying (via SCI FI Wire)

Review: Dolls


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