The Confessed # 1- "Deception


  • From The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind

  • this is not a serializing of the book.

  • we're picking up from episode 17… previous ones will be done latter

  • Not like Hercules or Xena.

  • Improving combat

  • Richards resolve when branded

  • Craig Horner really seemed to enjoy playing the bad guy

  • The Whisperer:  the device a scroll that killed everything within an area, dark magic maybe uses voices of shadow people and their screams kill everything in ear shot.

  • Darken Rahl's new order

  • The supernatural element of this episode

  • the humanizing elements

  • I love the use of propaganda in this episode like “compliance missions.”

Best Quotes

  • “it’s not the sword of truth but it’ll do”

  • “boy is getting closer to the captian than a fly on a cows ass”

  • do your people want justice or revenge?

  • “He may have made quick work of you sargent but i don’t think carver dunn is any match for his wife.”

  • “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

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  • story line and mythos

  • characters and archetypes

  • settingand magic

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