The Confessed #3 - "Seekers of the Collective Unconscious"


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On this week's show we discuss "The Characters of The Legend of the Seeker."


  • RichardBeecher71 saysOne thing Craig Horner has done very well for me is to create a clear delineation between when Richard is calling the shots and when The Seeker is calling them.A subtle example is in Conversion when Chase drinks the potion so he and Emma can reconnect. Richard looks at them; perhaps(?) lamenting opportunity lost. Then Richard, his expression one of melancholy, looks down. But it's The Seeker who looks back up; determined and resolute in his vow to make sure he accomplishes his mission.It is one of the things that endeared me to SoT Richard and I'm glad that LoTS Richard has the same trait. I would love it if your discussion included somewhat of this topic.

  • Zedd

  • The Previous Seekers

  • Griff

  • Kahlan

  • Shar says:I would love to see you touch on the subject of Jennsen and Denna. What do their characters mean for the show, and where you think they could possibly take these two in the future. I would love to hear all of your opinions on the relationships between all of these characters and how you feel they have grown do to these new relationships.

  • Denna

  • Jennsen

  • Shar says~I would love to hear you guys touch on the subject of Kieran and Vivian, what you think of their relationship...and what you think this could mean for Richard and Kahlan~Kieran and Vivian

  • RachelBluedoll1224 says:Also I think it would be interesting to look at the character of Rachel, as she is very much "the child" character, thrown into situations where the world truly depended on her and her actions and even though she had seen such evil (with Violet and Queen Milena) she still trusts that good will defeat evil in the end. Rachel at first glance seems like such a minor character, and yet without her Darken Rahl would have already won, like Zedd said "The great Darken Rahl, Master of D'hara, was defeated not by the Seeker, nor by the First Wizard, but by a ten year old girl".

  • Chase

  • Bluedoll1224 says:I would love to hear more of your views on Shota (like if you think she'll return this season), and Denna as I fully agreed with you guys on the "Three Goddesses" discussion.Shota

  • Giller

  • Darken Rahl

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