The Confessed # 8 - "Fever"


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On this week's show we discuss "Fever."


  • Review: Legend of the Seeker 121 Fever

  • Hey guys. I loved this weeks episode of Legend of the Seeker. I was so happy. Jennsen came back! Eric you were right about her coming back. Also I am glad that Richard and Zedd found out how to keep Richard from becoming a crazy, evil person. I also loved how Kahlan was willing to risk her life for Zedd. I really,really loved the cat. I will never forgive Rahl for killing the cat. I also want to say how well the sickness looked. I know that's weird but it made me a little scared. It was well created and I have to give the makeup department props. I have one question. Isn't Egremont acting a little weird lately? He wanted to stop Rahl from burning the painting in the last episode and in this episode he wanted to make peace with the Seeker. Last thing is Bridget Regan will be on Regis and Kelly Friday!I am excited for Cara!!!!! If you love Denna then you will probably love Cara. In the books she is the best mord-sith ever. Well from my point of view. Next week looks awsome! Can't wait!!!Natalie

  • I also have a question, will you keep recording podcast during summer? Or will there be nothing to talk about? Or perhaps you will have one podcast episode per month?

    Henrik Aka “The Sword”

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