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My name is Charlie, but if your looking for my work, I go by C. E. Dorsett.  I write scifi, fantasy, and a touch of horror.  I like to play with gothic, steampunk, decopunk, epic fantasy, and wuxia.  I love to tell stories and talk about books, movies, series, and music.  

The Confessed # 9 - "Reckoning"


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On this week's show we discuss "Reckoning."


  • Review: Legend of the Seeker 122 Reckoning

  • Special News!!! Where the show is going during the summer... The Confessed Book Club: Wizard’s First Rule

  • Natalie said:
    Hey guys. I loved this episode! Bridget did such a phenomenal job. You felt like she did grow older each time we saw her. I liked how they had Darken Rahl squeeze the child and Kahlan couldn't dinie it even though she knew what it would become. Poor Kahlan, having to bare Rahls child then having her son kill her! Family counseling would have been in the future. Craig Horner did a great job too. I loved Richard and Cara's bonding time. Cara can't believe he would be faithful to a women who had been dead for many years! Craig Parker also did a great job. Rahl was there is no word for it. After he married Kahlan he changed.

    Then Rahl just changed. Was so happy Shota was back. She helped Richard! I also loved Zedd at the end getting in on the hug. One nominee for the quotes is this. "You loved me across time." -Richard. The way he says it is so sweet. I would love to do a book club. I have read all of the books but it would be cool to talk to people who would actually listen and, I would like hear what people have to say about it.

  • Henrik said:
    Hello again!It’s Henrik again and I just wanted to say  I’m sorry for the Temple of the Winds suggestion, now that I’ve seen the season finale I know it was a pretty much terrible guess that was far off the truth.

    I’m sending this email in hope of that you haven’t recorded the podcast episode yet because I have something that you may find enjoying to talk about but perhaps you are already aware of this, anyway here we go…..

    Now that the boxes of orden are broken Richard and Kahlan are going to have a hard time being together because he’ll be confessed so perhaps you could talk about how they’ll get them together or perhaps they won’t do it next season, maybe they’ll wait until the end of the series but…. Let’s hope not.

    And also since the boxes of orden are destroyed it will be hard for them to do the series like the last book because the boxes are needed there unless there are three more boxes somewhere like with the Book of counted shadows and wouldn’t that be a little too convenient?

    It wasn’t the worst cliff hanger in movie history according to me but they left the whole Richard/Kahlan relationship out of the picture so now we don’t know if they’ll get together or when they’ll get together…….Poor us!

    Also they Richard didn’t find out he was Darken Rahls brother/son, whatever so now he won’t take command over the D’harans unless that’s the first thing next season…..

    I wonder why Jennsen didn’t tell Richard what Darken Rahl told her, it seems stupid and strange that she wouldn’t tell him that because it’s pretty important after all.

    Darken Rahl didn’t die through the use of the Wizards first rule (the rule not the book) does that mean that Richard isn’t a wizard in the show?

    Summary of the last episode of this season:

    The producers have left many things wide open I’d say because at this point they can do whatever they want in the show, they can give us another season like this one but that wouldn’t be taking them forward and it would be rather boring I think….

    There are many questions unanswered but I think/hope I will survive the summer due to the fact that they did kill Darken Rahl in this season so the cliff hanger wasn’t that awful, unless he comes back like in Stone of Tears……. Oh damn I’m overdoing it.

    Hopefully we will finally see the Mud People that would be awesome and since the trio don’t exactly have anything to do a nice little vacation wouldn’t be to bad right??

    Which day is it that you are recording? Because you upload it on Wednesdays?

    Happy summer!


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