The Confessed # 9 - "Reckoning"


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On this week's show we discuss "Reckoning."


  • Review: Legend of the Seeker 122 Reckoning

  • Special News!!! Where the show is going during the summer... The Confessed Book Club: Wizard’s First Rule

  • Natalie said:
    Hey guys. I loved this episode! Bridget did such a phenomenal job. You felt like she did grow older each time we saw her. I liked how they had Darken Rahl squeeze the child and Kahlan couldn't dinie it even though she knew what it would become. Poor Kahlan, having to bare Rahls child then having her son kill her! Family counseling would have been in the future. Craig Horner did a great job too. I loved Richard and Cara's bonding time. Cara can't believe he would be faithful to a women who had been dead for many years! Craig Parker also did a great job. Rahl was there is no word for it. After he married Kahlan he changed.

    Then Rahl just changed. Was so happy Shota was back. She helped Richard! I also loved Zedd at the end getting in on the hug. One nominee for the quotes is this. "You loved me across time." -Richard. The way he says it is so sweet. I would love to do a book club. I have read all of the books but it would be cool to talk to people who would actually listen and, I would like hear what people have to say about it.

  • Henrik said:
    Hello again!It’s Henrik again and I just wanted to say  I’m sorry for the Temple of the Winds suggestion, now that I’ve seen the season finale I know it was a pretty much terrible guess that was far off the truth.

    I’m sending this email in hope of that you haven’t recorded the podcast episode yet because I have something that you may find enjoying to talk about but perhaps you are already aware of this, anyway here we go…..

    Now that the boxes of orden are broken Richard and Kahlan are going to have a hard time being together because he’ll be confessed so perhaps you could talk about how they’ll get them together or perhaps they won’t do it next season, maybe they’ll wait until the end of the series but…. Let’s hope not.

    And also since the boxes of orden are destroyed it will be hard for them to do the series like the last book because the boxes are needed there unless there are three more boxes somewhere like with the Book of counted shadows and wouldn’t that be a little too convenient?

    It wasn’t the worst cliff hanger in movie history according to me but they left the whole Richard/Kahlan relationship out of the picture so now we don’t know if they’ll get together or when they’ll get together…….Poor us!

    Also they Richard didn’t find out he was Darken Rahls brother/son, whatever so now he won’t take command over the D’harans unless that’s the first thing next season…..

    I wonder why Jennsen didn’t tell Richard what Darken Rahl told her, it seems stupid and strange that she wouldn’t tell him that because it’s pretty important after all.

    Darken Rahl didn’t die through the use of the Wizards first rule (the rule not the book) does that mean that Richard isn’t a wizard in the show?

    Summary of the last episode of this season:

    The producers have left many things wide open I’d say because at this point they can do whatever they want in the show, they can give us another season like this one but that wouldn’t be taking them forward and it would be rather boring I think….

    There are many questions unanswered but I think/hope I will survive the summer due to the fact that they did kill Darken Rahl in this season so the cliff hanger wasn’t that awful, unless he comes back like in Stone of Tears……. Oh damn I’m overdoing it.

    Hopefully we will finally see the Mud People that would be awesome and since the trio don’t exactly have anything to do a nice little vacation wouldn’t be to bad right??

    Which day is it that you are recording? Because you upload it on Wednesdays?

    Happy summer!


The Confessed # 8 - "Fever"


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On this week's show we discuss "Fever."


  • Review: Legend of the Seeker 121 Fever

  • Hey guys. I loved this weeks episode of Legend of the Seeker. I was so happy. Jennsen came back! Eric you were right about her coming back. Also I am glad that Richard and Zedd found out how to keep Richard from becoming a crazy, evil person. I also loved how Kahlan was willing to risk her life for Zedd. I really,really loved the cat. I will never forgive Rahl for killing the cat. I also want to say how well the sickness looked. I know that's weird but it made me a little scared. It was well created and I have to give the makeup department props. I have one question. Isn't Egremont acting a little weird lately? He wanted to stop Rahl from burning the painting in the last episode and in this episode he wanted to make peace with the Seeker. Last thing is Bridget Regan will be on Regis and Kelly Friday!I am excited for Cara!!!!! If you love Denna then you will probably love Cara. In the books she is the best mord-sith ever. Well from my point of view. Next week looks awsome! Can't wait!!!Natalie

  • I also have a question, will you keep recording podcast during summer? Or will there be nothing to talk about? Or perhaps you will have one podcast episode per month?

    Henrik Aka “The Sword”

The Confessed # 6 - "Cursed"


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On this week's show we discuss "Cursed."


Hey guys!

First off thank you for the awesome shout out on last weeks podcast!
You are awesome! And you guys are so smart answering my question about
that last D'hran- I didn't even think about that D'Haran from
Conversion, but such a great idea! Makes so much sense!

And about my name, haha, I think of the pronunciation of it like "rye"
as in "rye bread" lol if that helps. Also, I m not a moderator on the
Kahlan and Richard boards though I do frequent them often! I am just a
very big LotS fan!

OK on to "Cursed" no questions this week but I some things that I
wonder what take you guys would have on it:

1. Lots of fans have noticed the double meaning of the episode titles,
and personally i love the duality of them. Cursed here initially it
about King Gregor’s curse but it also about Kahlan’s belief of herself
as a  cursed  monster in her Con Dar. However, I found it interesting
that the two people also see these curses are “blessings” were Shota
and Richard.

Shota explains that it is a gift for the King/his line since it is
protecting them from Rahl (and her of course, Shota can’t get nothing
out of the deal). This is kind of mirrored when Richard tells Kahlan
that her “curse” is a blessing that is part of her.

2. CON DAR! I love how again it is Richard who brings her out of it-
also I love how Bridget holds a beat after her eyes have de-Con Dared
before she regains herself and is Kahlan again. we saw it in
Conversion and here again- I just love that she does that. Like she
literally has to wait for the adrenaline of the Con Dar to start to
subside before she can even regain who she is.

3. Loved the Zedd/Shota relationship and his take on ultimate power
and who can wield it and when they should not.  Also I think that it
kind of mirrors what he said to Richard about Kahlan choosing to wear
the Rada’han and the power is not power if it is no controlled.

4.Oh Zedd and his magical chains, we’ve heard of his “magical
protection” before hahaha!

Don't know if any of these are good for jumping off points, but I
thought I would send them in anyways!

Lady Rhi

The Confessed #5 - "Mirror"


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On this week's show we discuss "Mirror."


  • Review: Legend of the Seeker 118 Mirror

  • Clayton u
    I can't find your podcast on iTunes anymore ? Do you know why that may be?

  • Seek77
    I have watched the episode and after watching it more than once I have to say I liked it!!! a lot!!! very funny, sexier, (i thought it was supposed to be PG, oh well, is better now) and i think it was full of details.... i think the acting was great and I know one of you is a Zedd fan, what do you think about Bianca/Zedd??

    Also, what are your thoughts on how easily Richard gave up and couldnt resist "fake kahlan" i think that wasnt played right....kahlan keeps telling him how scared she is of them losing control and Richard tells her how strong they are and everything and it took her 3 seconds to get him into the water and kiss him.... come on richard!!!

  • Ladyrhi
    that one D'Haran soldier left alive, and walking away with the Mord'Sith- he seemed really familiar I felt like I was missing a huge clue- his voice was familiar and we never saw his face. Plus why would he be the only D'haran alive? Convenient methinks. I don't know who he would be, I'm pretty sure it was not Chase, but can you guys think of anyone? Maybe the man at the end of "Listener" who wanted to help them, but had to go home first to help his family. The camera focused way too much on him.  And did you guys notice this, or am I just over thinking things.

  • Natalie
    Bridget and Craig made me believe that they were different people. I also thought that Bruce's acting was great too. When he was at the end trying to tell the other guy he loved him was so funny. I also like at the end where Bridget, Craig, and Bruce are walking at the end and Craig told Bridget that whatever he said was going to get him into trouble and Bruce was like your getting smarter everyday.

  • I got your Questions The Sword, and will cover them  soon.

  • Additive Magic in the Legend of the Seeker

The Confessed # 4- "Clara's Guide to Magic"


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On this week's show we discuss "The Magic of the Legend of the Seeker."

Community comments:

Spiceseeker said

As for magic, it would be interesting to explore the idea of how magic isn't inherently good or bad, but depends on the user--something that Richard talks about at the end of "Elixir." We've seen several examples of "dark magic" in the show (eg the Whisperers in "Deception") but also examples of magic used for good (eg Zedd using additive magic to re-form Richard's pendant and to regrow the confessor's hand in "Sacrifice"). What are your thoughts on how magic has been used for good or for bad, and how the show has suggested the blurriness of that good/bad boundary?

A few other things I can think of pertaining to magic, that I would love to hear your thoughts on, include:

- The magic of the Sword of Truth: We've seen the Sword glow a fiery red-orange during the show in a few episodes ("Prophecy," "Denna," "Hartland," "Conversion," and "Deception"), and Richard has said how the Sword filled him with rage (notably in "Home"). Zedd has also mentioned that the Sword contains the powers from previous Seekers. In the book, I know there is much more explanation about the Sword and the significance of the glow, but how do you see the representation of the Sword in the show? Do you think there is still more to come regarding its magical properties, how Richard is connected to it, and how Richard will use it? I found it interesting, too, how Denna tried to describe it as the Sword of Lies.

- The connections between a Confessor's magic and a Mord-Sith's magic: I find it intriguing how both can be used to enslave, essentially. I loved Richard's line in "Denna" (in fact, I love that whole scene in the dungeon) when Richard tells Kahlan, "I'd rather be your slave than hers." In both instances, someone who is confessed and someone who is successfully broken by a Mord-Sith will lose his soul. Furthermore, Rahl reveals in "Conversion" that he wants to use the powers of confession to end the war and bring peace.

- The magic of the Boxes of Orden: up until "Bloodline," we were told that if Rahl were to acquire all three boxes, he would enslave the entire world. However, it is only in "Bloodline" that we truly witness the devastating and corrupting effects of the Boxes' magic, when Richard puts all three boxes together and basically turns into a tyrant himself. What did you think about the way in which the boxes were put together, and how Jenssen took them apart? (I will admit that I was bothered by how easy it seemed for Richard to put them together, without so much as a spell or anything other magical help, but I am interested in hearing your reading of this). What are your thoughts on the magic of the Boxes and how they affected Richard, and what the show's possibilities for the Boxes are?

- The Breath of Life: I thought it was strange that Constance managed to revive Denna with the Breath of Life, which from the show seemed to be a form of magic that could revive those who died from training, and not necessarily those who died from a stab in the stomach. LOL. What did you think about this? (and I guess, related to this, would be your thoughts on the agiel--I loved the show's sound effects for the agiel. I also thought it interesting that Denna's training not only psychologically marked Richard, but physically marked him, since Richard reveals his scar in "Home". We could also see the intense fear in Richard's eyes when Denna used her agiel on him again in "Bloodline").

- The magic that seems to be inherent in objects vs the magic that seems inherent in people: The show has shown numerous examples of magical objects (Azallel's Orb in "Confession" and Sebastian's magical maps in "Bounty", for example) but also numerous examples of people gifted with magic (Zedd, Kahlan and other confessors, Mord-Sith, etc.). There are those with immense magical powers who could essentially be deployed as human weapons, like Renn and Kahlan, and there are those who are not affected by magic whatsoever, like Jenssen. I would like to hear thoughts on this, too. Do you see particular patterns of magic in the show, or thematic concerns running through the episodes with regards to the use of magic?

The Confessed #3 - "Seekers of the Collective Unconscious"


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On this week's show we discuss "The Characters of The Legend of the Seeker."


  • RichardBeecher71 saysOne thing Craig Horner has done very well for me is to create a clear delineation between when Richard is calling the shots and when The Seeker is calling them.A subtle example is in Conversion when Chase drinks the potion so he and Emma can reconnect. Richard looks at them; perhaps(?) lamenting opportunity lost. Then Richard, his expression one of melancholy, looks down. But it's The Seeker who looks back up; determined and resolute in his vow to make sure he accomplishes his mission.It is one of the things that endeared me to SoT Richard and I'm glad that LoTS Richard has the same trait. I would love it if your discussion included somewhat of this topic.

  • Zedd

  • The Previous Seekers

  • Griff

  • Kahlan

  • Shar says:I would love to see you touch on the subject of Jennsen and Denna. What do their characters mean for the show, and where you think they could possibly take these two in the future. I would love to hear all of your opinions on the relationships between all of these characters and how you feel they have grown do to these new relationships.

  • Denna

  • Jennsen

  • Shar says~I would love to hear you guys touch on the subject of Kieran and Vivian, what you think of their relationship...and what you think this could mean for Richard and Kahlan~Kieran and Vivian

  • RachelBluedoll1224 says:Also I think it would be interesting to look at the character of Rachel, as she is very much "the child" character, thrown into situations where the world truly depended on her and her actions and even though she had seen such evil (with Violet and Queen Milena) she still trusts that good will defeat evil in the end. Rachel at first glance seems like such a minor character, and yet without her Darken Rahl would have already won, like Zedd said "The great Darken Rahl, Master of D'hara, was defeated not by the Seeker, nor by the First Wizard, but by a ten year old girl".

  • Chase

  • Bluedoll1224 says:I would love to hear more of your views on Shota (like if you think she'll return this season), and Denna as I fully agreed with you guys on the "Three Goddesses" discussion.Shota

  • Giller

  • Darken Rahl

The Confessed # 1- "Deception


  • From The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind

  • this is not a serializing of the book.

  • we're picking up from episode 17… previous ones will be done latter

  • Not like Hercules or Xena.

  • Improving combat

  • Richards resolve when branded

  • Craig Horner really seemed to enjoy playing the bad guy

  • The Whisperer:  the device a scroll that killed everything within an area, dark magic maybe uses voices of shadow people and their screams kill everything in ear shot.

  • Darken Rahl's new order

  • The supernatural element of this episode

  • the humanizing elements

  • I love the use of propaganda in this episode like “compliance missions.”

Best Quotes

  • “it’s not the sword of truth but it’ll do”

  • “boy is getting closer to the captian than a fly on a cows ass”

  • do your people want justice or revenge?

  • “He may have made quick work of you sargent but i don’t think carver dunn is any match for his wife.”

  • “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Richard Kahlen Videos:

Next 3 weeks:

  • story line and mythos

  • characters and archetypes

  • settingand magic

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