Of Gods and Kings # 2- "First Night"

On this week's episode:

King Silas makes a sacrifice to save the life of his illegitimate child, while Jack, who has ulterior motives, takes David on a wild night out.  Watch the episode streaming online above. 

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**Warning Spoilers**

  • theme of the show: "What is the cost?"
  • The value of Silas and David
  • The unmasking of the queen
  • Jack is taking david out on the city
  • Jack’s abuse issues
  • Does the queen know about King’s “serenity”?
  • Does Rev. Samuels hear God?
  • Sacrifice and God's will
  • the scene of silas killing the deer
  • absence of the military industrial complex figures at the ballet. What does it mean?

Best Lines

  • “When we have art we have inspiration” 
  • “i’m not a saint."  "No, i bet you are just lack for opportunity”
  • “Ice doesn’t melt in her mouth no one does”
  • “I can not tell you of gods mind.  He shares with me at his pleasure”
  • “Not even god is that cruel”
  • “We were nothing but stone age clans warring with each other”

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